A List of Items We Accept:

For The Home Clothing / Accessories Electronics Furniture Other
Antiques Men's Clothing Computers Wooden Furniture Books
Collectibles Women's Clothing Printers Chairs Records
Blankets Children's Clothing Towers Tables Movies (VHS & DVD)
Curtains Teen Clothing Laptops Dining Room Sets CDs (no bootleg, x-rated or homemade)
Tablecloths Shoes Monitors Lamps Games & Toys
Cookware Belts Keyboards Ride-on Toys
Dishes Scarves Mice Radios & Stereos
Platters Ties Portable DVD Players Seasonal Items
Pots & Pans Purses Other Computer-Related Equipment Sporting Goods
Glassware Wallets Clean Gardening Tools
Small Appliances Jackets Working Bicycles
Decorative Items Hats
Framed Pictures Real Jewelry
Unused Office Supplies Costume Jewelry
Small Area Rugs

Due to health, safety, environmental and other federal restrictions, we are unable to accept the following items…

Items We Cannot Accept
Mattresses / Box Springs Food or Beverages
Car Seats Building Materials
Broken Toys / Incomplete Games & Puzzles Automobile Parts (Including Tires & Wheels)
Ceiling Fans Magazines / Newspapers
Encyclopedias Consumer Product Safety Commission-Recalled Items
Hot Water Heaters
Hazardous Materials (Gas Cans, Propane Tanks, Paint)
Large Swimming Pools
Scrap Metal or Lumber
Non-Working Electronic Equipment Windows / Doors
Shutters Trash Compactors
Swing Sets Used Plumbing Parts
Venetian Blinds Air Conditioners
Dish Washers